1. Minimising food miles

At Navara Oat Milling we mill 100% British oats. We are focused on local sourcing and minimising the food miles in our supply chain, all our farms and stores will initially be within circ. 75 mile radius of the mill.

2. Energy generation

The energy use in a mill can be high. At Navara we are focused on minimising usage with modern and efficient milling technology and on using as much self-generated green energy as possible. We also minimise waste and recycle our oat husk co-product for reuse in the bio energy sector.

3. Soil and carbon management

Our partner agronomy experts work with our farming partners to provide a greater understanding of soil conditions and quality, advising on soil health and regeneration. The reduction of emissions and the improvement of natural carbon resources are key priorities for the team.

4. Sustainable farming

We are committed to sustainable crop production, our team work with all our farmers, suppliers and partners to ensure every oat we use is produced to the Navara Oat Standard each and every day.